Falkirk Allotment Society

Allotment holders have been fortunate in being able to continue working during lockdowns. Clear guidelines, produced by DEFRA* in March 2020 endorsed by the Scottish Government and Falkirk Council, meant that plotholders could work safely on site by following them carefully. During such difficult times the opportunity to be out in the fresh air and being active is very welcome.
* The DEFRA guidelines
1 After unlocking and coming in the gates use hand sanitiser to clean your hands. (If you do not have sanitiser bring hot water in a flask and use soap)
2 Strictly observe guidelines on social distancing keeping 2-3 metres apart from others.
3 Do not share tools
4 On leaving the site and locking the gates use hand sanitiser again. (If you do not have it, make sure you don touch your face until arriving home and washing your hands.)